About Labworx Development

How Does Engine Tuning Software Work?

Engine tuning/EFI calibration can be a complex, heavily involved process that involves remapping the Engine Control Unit (ECU) of high-performance vehicles. A tuning map is a set of computer instructions that control a variety of engine processes such as the ignition timing, throttle control, fuel pressure, and boost pressure (when applicable). By “tuning” these processes, we use our customized maps to improve the overall efficiency and performance of a vehicle to the driver's desired output.

Every manufacturer uses its own firmware that directs the ECU on how to distribute power, torque, fuel emissions, and fuel consumption. At Labworx we develop customized maps, from scratch, for the vehicles we service in-house to unlock their peak potential.

New Jersey Custom Engine Tuning

No two cars are created equal. For automotive enthusiasts who want to get the absolute most out of their vehicles, we at Labworx are here to provide you with customized maps that will perform to your exact preferences. We know that nothing is more embarrassing than being overtaken by a vehicle that, on paper, is statistically slower than your own. With our passion for the art of tuning and our outstanding team of record setting Automotive Tuning Engineers your vehicle will be brought to its limits by our rigorous and proven custom tuning process. For customers shopping online we have a comprehensive library of our refined maps available for purchase to bring our tailored experience to your home garage.

The Labworx Approach:

The most common question that customers ask our team is “How much horsepower (HP) will I have?”. The answer to this question isn’t answered simply with the peak horsepower alone. We put the power where you need it. Each tune is customized to the use and objective you want to achieve. We focus on improving not just your maximum, but the overall efficiency and performance of your entire powerband.

Our experts are here for you now and for your future. We hope that each of our customers leaves not only satisfied with their tune, but more informed as well. When our work is done, we provide you with the advice and recommendations you need for driving and maintaining your vehicle. A tune alone is only as good as the components in the vehicle and we feel it is important our customers know the proper maintenance schedule and the effects of environmental conditions to ensure your enhanced performance and a fresh factory feel.

Have any more questions about our process? Contact us today to talk to one of our experts and get started on your dream car today!